Creating and Managing Services


We do not charge pet owners or services for using our Pet Creche platform. That means you can offer competitive pricing with less friction for both sides. No cost, zero cost, zip, nada.

We give options and control for both pet owners and pet services, to make sure both sides of the deal are happy. We understand that you might have customers from different platforms. A single booking system just is not going to work for your business, when you get bookings from phone, email and through your website. We don't compete with your existing business and marketing efforts.

We make it easy to find services in the locations that people want. Search in any location. We help you manage the booking request in a smart easy way that makes it possible to find new customers without having to pay.

Introduction to why Pet Creche was born

Pet Care is broken. We all know the benefits that pets have on our collective lives. Pet Creche makes life easier for pet care professionals to offer their services to pet owners without making them feel like a commodity. We don't charge for our services and out aim is to facilitate you in your service. Because better care of Animals benefits everyone.

Sign up and Register

The very first thing that you need is to is sign up. You can use your existing email account or you can use a LinkedIn account to create a Pet Creche account. You can sign up here at

Create a Service on Pet Creche

After you have created an account at Pet Creche, you'll need to add your services. You can add as many services as you like so long as they fall within the categories that we have. These categories are: Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, Cat Sitting for example. You can add a service easily here at

add pet service

How do I get Bookings?

You will have bookings come through the platform via the Bookings Notification. You can see any requests that are made in the "My Bookings" panel. Here is where you can find the "My Bookings" and you can navigate there directly with the following link

booking notification booking notification

Booking Stages

  1. Request More Information

    Bookings are not automatic. You have control over the process to ask questions that you need. For example, our extensive research showed that dog sitters were not happy with certain types of dog. Pet Creche allows you to ask questions /before/ you confirm the booking. So if you need more surety about a pet, ask the owner first before confirming.

  2. Suggest New Dates

    Sometimes services are flexible or you might only be able to cover a part of a requested date range. Here you can suggest alternative dates which might work for the Pet Owner. This can be useful as the owner might be able to juggle or use a mix of services.

  3. Confirm Booking

    If you have sufficient information on the booking, then you can simply confirm. The pet owner will see that the booking is confirmed. Then you are done. Payment and how the owner pays is up to you. We do not get involved in the transaction. This means that you don't lose money for payment processing fees from Credit Cards, unless you want.

  4. Reject/Cancel Booking

    If there are issues with the booking or you cannot provide the service, then you can reject the request and the pet owner will see their status updated.

  5. Current Booking Status

    Go to see what the current booking status is. Booking Requests are arranged by tab, so that you can clearly see services that are confirmed, rejected and cancelled.

  6. Messages

    This is where you can talk to customers. You can chat with them normally using simple chat to discuss any special arrangements if they do not fit the standard options above [reject, suggest new dates...]

    Please contact your customers before you contact us at Pet Creche. If do need to get in contact, we can help if you send us an email at

  7. Payment

    How the owner and you decide to collect payment is up to you. We purposefully decided that we did not want to introduce more layers of friction into the process.