Booking Pet Services


We don't charge you or take commissions for any booking made through Pet Creche. That means that prices are competitive and you get a better deal. We know that owning a pet can be joy, but also can be expensive, especially with those hidden fees such as when you unexpectedly need a dog sitter to cover for a hospital appointment.

We make it easy for you to decide who and what services suit you best. Whatever and wherever you are looking for pet services, Pet Creche can help you find it and book it.

Finding the right people for your pet is never easy. It's not like ordering a pizza. We make it easy to find people that really care for your pet and with our innovative communication system, you can interact with your potential provider before you commit.

Make a Pet Creche Booking Request

It's easy to make a booking. Find and locate a service, using search and then go to the book icon and click the Book Button. From there enter the dates of the service that you require along with any additional information or questions that you may have for the pet service on offer. For example, you might request if a dog walker is able to deal with a dog that cannot walk near traffic.

There is no limit to the number of services that you can request, but we do monitor for abuses and violations.

Tracking your Booking Request

Once you have made a booking request, you can check the status of that booking by going to the Menu bar and clicking "My Requests". You can go here

my requests

Pending Tab

This is where you can find all the services that you have requested, but not as yet been responded to.

Confirmed Tab

This is where you will find details of the services that have already been confirmed.

Rejected Tab

If your request cannot be accepted then the booking will end up in this section. This is typically caused by not being to able to fulfill the requirements of your request.

Canceled Tab

Either party can cancel the process and this is where canceled requests end.

Messages Tab

Crucially this an important part of the booking process where both the owner and service provider (e.g. Dog Walker) can exchange information and take the appropriate action.

message notifications