About Us


Experience in building market places with extensive experience in the online space. He was one of the first employees at ebay UK and helped build out the platform in the United Kingdom, driving listing and working in management of a number of verticals.

Also built a B2C and C2C vehicle platforms and has worked in the FinTech and Risk business where he was responsible for a number of functions including Analytics and Model development.

Philosophy. Hates friction in market-places. Believes in building communities that people want to be part of. Loves dogs and animals and is a bit of a dog nerd.


With a background in economics, Una brings her ability to cut to the chase and remove the noise in the system, and help our users uncover the best experience possible from better understanding our data.

Philosophy. Keep it simple and to focus on what works. She loves pets, especially dogs, and birds, but not pigeons, strangely. She works tirelessly to ensure that we build products that users really want.

Rusticus Maximus

A background of being a hyper consumer of dog products, RM keeps us happy in the office and reminds us why we exist, which is to help owners better manage their pets lives.

Philosophy. Aside from biscuits, he (RM) is our chief product tester, he literally "dog foods" [tests our own products and services] on PetCreche.